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Mental illness does not discriminate.
But sometimes people do.

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57.7 million Americans will experience a mental health challenge in a given year.
The good news about mental illness is that recovery is possible.

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Mental illnesses can affect persons of any age, race, religion, or income.
People with mental illness can get better and many recover completely.

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Silicon Valley Gives

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On Tuesday, May 3rd, Momentum will be participating in Silicon Valley Gives, a Bay Area-wide giving day that aims to increase awareness and raise funds for local nonprofits.

State of Reform brings together practitioners, thought leaders, and policy makers – each working to improve our health care system in their own way – into a unified conversation in a single place.

Momentum’s President and CEO, David K. Mineta, will join a panel to help shape reform on April 6, 2016 by discussing the integration of mental health, chemical dependency and physical health. Learn more.

Mental Health Facts

Mental illness can be experienced by anybody regardless of age, gender, religion or socio-economic level.

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    Adults living with serious mental illness die 25 years earlier than other Americans.

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    Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States for people ages 10-24.

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    3.9% of adults in America have a mental illness and are uninsured. That is 8.1 million adults.

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    One-in-four adults – 57.7 million Americans – experience a mental disorder in a given year.

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    90% of those who die by suicide had a diagnosable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death.

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    Two out of five children in America who needed mental health treatment did not receive it.

*Facts adapted from the California Mental Health Services Authority and the report Parity or Disparity: The State of Mental Health in America 2015 by Mental Health America (MHA).